Friday, December 15, 2017

Backyard Adventures and matching Christmas pajamas.

Kley had tax school in Des Moines for some CLE (continuing legal education) credits, so we tagged along to for some Christmas fun in Des Moines! My parents live there, so it was a perfect trip to go along with. (Thankfully, Kley's "travel" for work is almost always local enough to just be a day trip though. Very grateful for that!) 

We got to see my brother/SIL and take the girls to see their house for the first time, and I got to help in her classroom one morning (she's a 4th grade teacher at the school I used to teach at when we lived in Des Moines), which was very fun! I got to say hi to some old coworkers too. We also had a play date with some friends, and got together with Kley's sister/BIL too- we went out to eat and watched the old Rudolph and it was so cute to watch our girls cuddle up to them. Elizabeth got a picture of Lucy leaning her head on Brett's shoulder and it's the cutest thing.

One morning, my mom and I took the girls to Backyard Adventures, which is like a showroom for all their playground sets they are selling, but they open it up for free play, so Norah had a blast exploring all the playgrounds. 

(Again, still having some issues with blurriness on my camera. I'm so technologically inept and I just haven't had the time to have my husband help me fix it. Oops.)

And...I got the girls matching Christmas pajamas. Super cute! (And my mom got them those adorable My First Christmas dolls.)

Lucy is the more adventurous one, and this is the second time she's scraped up her nose. Poor baby. She tried to pull herself up on the trash can that I had just emptied, so it was too light and it fell over on top of her.

Poor Lucy was also smushed. 

And sorry again, Lucy, that you just kept getting more and more squished.

Love my girls!


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