Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving and Norah meeting friends!

 Thanksgiving 2014 was a great one! We got to see lots of family and friends, which is what makes it so great and is a big blessing. My mom's side of the family came to our house, so my aunt/uncles/cousins got to meet Norah. We enjoyed some family time at the house, just relaxing and playing games.

We also took some family pictures (outside!) for the Christmas card. This means Norah's first time in her snow suit!

She didn't love it initially, but actually did quite well for the pictures.

My two favorites. :)

I really love this picture of my brother and Norah. (He is currently job searching, so he is at home with us a lot, so he jokes that she loves him the most and that he is the third parent. They do love each other a lot, though, and Norah smiles at him a ton!)

Also, Thanksgiving break means that Norah got to meet my best friends! Stephanie was home from DC and she was completely pumped to meet her. She actually came home a day early and surprised me!

This was their first meeting, and I love this picture- the look of Stephanie's elation, and Norah's big eyes of confusion. Ha.

I also really love this picture- all three of the Groen girls with Norah! They have been family friends our whole lives, and so glad they can be a part of Norah's life now!

Visiting the Groen's.

Us with Stephanie and her boyfriend, Chris.

She also got to meet Lauren! Here she is meeting the Erhard family.

Us with Lauren and her husband, Stephen.

Happy Thanksgiving! We have so much to be thankful for!


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