Sunday, December 28, 2014

Norah- Two Months.

Norah is two months old already! It’s so fun to think back over the past month and find joy in how much she is growing. She is changing quickly and learning many new things. Her smiles are the most perfect blessing.

At five weeks her baby acne had cleared up. By 5.5 weeks, we noticed her holding her head up better. She holds it up well most of the time, but still needs occasional support. She doesn’t try much during tummy time- she will occasionally lift her head up, but mostly just lays on the floor. She likes to hold her head up when being held.  At 6 weeks, she started cooing, and we love having “conversations.” We want to treasure those little sounds forever! She also started blowing spit bubbles and drooling some. Around 6 weeks, we also noticed larger, more spaced out poops.

She loves her car seat and going for rides. She almost always sleeps in the car. She likes to keep moving, whether that’s in the car or when being held. She doesn’t like when the car stops for too long or if someone holding her sits down. She likes to grab on to hair now. She still doesn’t like pacifiers, but likes to suck on her fist sometimes. Her legs have gotten a lot stronger; now she doesn’t like being burped and she will push back against you with her legs. She loves taking a bath and will lay in the water for a long time. She gets so relaxed; she even fell asleep a couple times. She still eats really well, and we are thankful breastfeeding is going so well. She occasionally takes a bottle of pumped milk if we are out somewhere, and does well with that. She does really well when we are out in public! She likes the noises, we think. She loves hearing different noises on some of her toys. Thankfully she saves her fussy times for home, usually, when no one else has to see or hear!

One of the most noticeable changes is her sleeping, which we are super happy about! She sleeps so much better than she did the first month. The first part of the month, she usually woke up once to feed (as opposed to three, and then two, the first month), and for the past week has been sleeping through the night! We are loving it! She has been sleeping more and more each night all throughout the month. Her record between feedings was on her two-month birthday- 9 hours 45 minutes! She is still in a bassinet by our bed, so hopefully these great sleeps continue when we transition her to the crib soon in our new house!

Happy two months, Norah! We love you so!

This one is my favorite. 

Loves to suck her fists!

I love her expression here.


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