Sunday, December 14, 2014

The long awaited graduation day!

Yesterday was Kley's graduation day! It was such a fun day celebrating. Both my family and his family were there, which was really special. It was fun to see Kley's sister, Elizabeth, who just got engaged last week!

It was so great to watch him walk through and get his diploma after all his hard work! (Technically, he still has finals until Thursday, so we will really be celebrating then!)

After the ceremony- my husband now has a JD degree!

Kley's family.

My family (minus Karlie, who is up at college- we missed you!).

Our own little family!

A sweet picture of Aunt Elizabeth I caught.

Kley said this was his favorite picture. One last time in front of the law school sign!

Congratulations Kley! Norah and I are so proud of you and thankful for all the hard work you have done! We love you!


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