Tuesday, December 18, 2018

De Jong Christmas Extravaganza 2018.

We had a weekend at home with not a lot of plans, which was great, so we got to do several fun family activities. Christmas is so fun with kids. Experiencing it through their eyes is a joy. We called the weekend our "Christmas extravaganza" just for fun, and it was sure fun. Friday night we went to this house that has the most amazing lights I've ever seen. It's one of my favorite traditions. 

They have walking paths all through their property, so it's really neat that you can walk up and see everything.

Anna, Olaf, and Elsa were a favorite!

Ellory really loved pointing out every Minnie Mouse and snowman. 

Lucy basically enjoyed everything. She is so independent these days with wanting to walk by herself, even through all the snow. She has a lot of might for her tiny body!

Love the lights! This was at the end, so Norah was ready to go because she was cold, but she really did have a great time. We walked around for 30 minutes and the whole outing went really well!

Saturday night we let the girls pick where we went for dinner. (We rarely eat out, so it's a treat.). Can you guess where they picked? Yes, you're right, they chose McDonald's. :) Then we headed to Christmas Wonderland in a neighboring town, where they had it set up like a pioneer village, with little lit up shops, carriage rides, tons of Christmas trees decorated by different companies, and lots of fun Christmas displays. 0 for 3 on the girls looking at the camera or smiling, but you take what you get, right?

The biggest hit for the girls was free cookies and popcorn!

Despite her face again, Norah had a good time. She's in the phase where she either takes a fantastic picture or looks like she's having the worst time. Ha.

Unfortunately, the area was pretty slushy/muddy (you can see Norah's shoes above!), which made it harder to get around with the girls. Both Lucy and Ellory came home with soaking wet pants, but we still had a good time. There were more things we could have done, but the lines were pretty long, so we could do even more in future years when they are older.

Celebrating Christmas with friends and extended family is so great, but there's something special about doing things with just your immediate family. Creating traditions and memories with our girls is the best! Merry Christmas everyone!

(Check out the girls looking at the lights last year. They change so fast!)


  1. What a fun weekend!! So glad you are having such a sweet Christmas season!!! These are the days!! 💗

    1. They really are! Kley and I were talking about how neat it is that we can create our own little memories and traditions. That will be so crazy when our girls are older and talk about the stuff we did now when they are young!


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