Monday, December 31, 2018

Lucy and Ellory- Twenty-Two Months.

Lucy and Ellory are 22 months! They will be two before we know it! They grow and change so fast. We were watching videos of them at last Christmas, and they seemed so small then and it's only been a year. It's so much fun to listen to the girls play together and to call out each other's names! On 12/21 both girls got a haircut, and they look so different/old! It was just a trim to even things out, and it was Ellory's first cut!

Stats/Doctor visits: We took Ellory in right after Thanksgiving, just to check her ears and lungs because she wasn't sleeping the best and had a cold, but they said she was fine, and thankfully it was the tail end of it because she quickly got better. Other than that we've had a really healthy month!

Teeth: No new teeth.

Feeding: They are pretty consistent with breakfast, lunch, supper, and bedtime snack. If they have other snacks, they don't eat their meals as well. Of course there are occasional times we do give snacks, like during church when we are trying to keep them quiet! We eat supper about 5:30 because everyone is hungry then, which is very different than before. When it was just Norah, it wasn't uncommon to eat supper at 7, but during this season, an early supper is best. Both girls are in love with pears, and a favorite bedtime snack is eating a gogurt in the bath. They sometimes still want to sit on our laps during meals, but are doing a lot better at that than last month. Overall they are both really good eaters and sometimes still surprise us with how much they eat!

Diapers/Clothes: Wearing 24 month/2T clothes and 4 diapers during the day and 5 diapers at night.

Sleeping: Sleeping took a bit of a turn this month, as both girls have learned to climb out of the crib. Say it isn't so! Nighttime is still fine because they are tired enough and usually fall asleep pretty quickly and sleep through the night. Yay! Naps have been tougher than before as that's when they try to get out. So far, putting their sleep sacks on backwards so they can't take them off has helped, as then they can't lift their leg up to get over the rail. Lucy needs more sleep- she plays hard and sleeps hard- which helps because she falls asleep quickly so then Ellory doesn't have a playmate. Big girl beds are coming sooner than we thought!

Words: Hearing them learn to communicate is so fun! Both are saying more and more. Ellory says many two word sentences now and Lucy is starting to say a few as well. Hearing them say each other's names is so sweet. Lucy saying Ellory sounds a bit like hi, but there is a difference if you listen closely. Ellory saying Lucy sounds a bit like sissy. They both say Norah with a highly accentuated O. It's the cutest. Two favorite/funny words Ellory learned this month were hallelujah and stud muffin, and she also says come when she wants you to pick her up, like she wants to come with you.

Developments: Lucy loves to hold hands when you walk, play with my hair, and turn off and on every light switch she can get her hands on. Ellory has always been the dancer (she shakes her butt almost every time music comes on), but Lucy started dancing a bit with one arm raised in the air. Lucy is still our active monkey, and her newest adventure is tackling/wrestling, much to Ellory's dismay. She hates it as much as Lucy loves it, ha. Both are getting more and more independent, but Lucy especially. She loves to zip her sleep sack and pajamas off, and tries to dress herself too. We have to force her into her car seat almost every time now because she wants to do it herself but takes so long. Ellory has started singing, which is my favorite. She'll hum some things, but is starting to learn ABCs, Jesus Loves Me, Silent Night, and Wheels on the Bus. Ellory also learned to jump with both feet and loves to do that. Lucy tries but doesn't leave the ground yet. Norah loves to try to get both of them to chase her, and they usually comply! Ellory loves to shut the garage door, and Lucy shuts the van door. Both girls have done really well with leaving the Christmas tree and stockings alone. They love to pull their jingle bell ornaments off that they made at Kindermusik, but they usually leave the rest alone. Both are pretty consistent at pooping on the toilet (almost all the time!), and both have peed a few times too. Ellory struggles more with constipation, so she sometimes sits a few times before actually going. Lucy doesn't always make it time, but usually gets some in the toilet.

Favorites: Ellory loves stuffed animals, Minnie Mouse, snowmen, the moon, and books (always books!). Lucy loves tackling, light switches, helping empty the dishwasher, bringing Ellory and Norah their drinks, and saying hi to people. Both girls loved building lego towers this month and seeing Christmas lights.

We were in Des Moines for Christmas, and they found my mom's infant swing and thought it was so funny to sit in it!

And how great that we could see Stephanie! What a treat to have a "guest star" in the month photos!

Here's an example of Lucy tackling and loving her life and Ellory wanting her off.


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