Thursday, July 7, 2022

Recent reads.

Maid by Stephanie Land- I had heard a lot of people talking about this book, so I was intrigued to read it. I really enjoyed it. I thought it was an eye opening and enlightening story about a single mother trying to make it and take care of her daughter. She shared her true stories of being a maid and the different houses she worked in, while trying to make it and care for her daughter. The judgment she received and how hard she worked, yet still didn't have enough money, was sad to read and gives you understanding into how many people are in similar situations to her. 

Memory Making Mom by Jessica Smartt- I honestly didn't have high hopes for this book when I started it, thinking it would either not teach me anything I didn't already know or make me feel guilty, but neither of those things were true after reading it. I loved this book. Each chapter is about a different aspect, like food, vacations, one on one time, etc. and there were so many wonderful ideas for making memories with your family, while also doing a great job of reiterating that you can't do it all and to pick a few special things that work for your season and family.

Foster the Family: Encouragement, Hope, and Practical Help for the Christian Foster Parent by Jamie Finn- If you are a foster parent, know a foster parent, or have any interest in foster parenting, you should read this book! I have followed Jamie on instagram for awhile, and I have learned so much about foster care from her. I love her insights and how she implements her faith into foster parenting. She did a wonderful job of encouraging foster parents to remember the reason why- Jesus loves children and the family. He created every child and designed the family, and foster parents have a powerful impact to show the love of Jesus to children and families.


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