Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Omaha with De Jongs- 4th of July 2022.

We spent the 4th of July weekend in Omaha this year. Kley's sister and her family (Elizabeth, Brett, and their two boys Will and Gerrit) just moved there for the next part of Brett's residency program. We are glad Omaha isn't too far away and is a fun city to visit, and having cousins there is the best!

Not sure why it uploads my picture backwards, but we ended  the trip on Monday with the zoo. To be honest, I didn't get many pictures because it was super hot and crowded and the girls were grumpy, but we had some good moments and glad we could go. Grateful for family time together!

Everyone loves the gorillas! It looked like they had painted cardboard? Not sure if they had painted it before, but by the time we got there they were eating it, which the girls thought was funny.

Happy picture at the beginning of the zoo! Check out Norah's pigtails and Ellory's big ponytail- I am thrilled they have started to branch out in styles. For so long they didn't like anything with hair fully up because it "hurt their neck." Now we just need to convince Lucy to try.

Cake for the USA, and for Amma's birthday! Thankful to live here! Doesn't Norah look thrilled?

Sparklers and small fireworks- classic fun!

Some sweet photos with baby cousin Gerrit.

Fun at the children's museum, such a neat place!

Ellory has been really into taking pictures lately; she requests a picture by many things.

The space area was so cool! Walking through this tunnel was so crazy, you felt like you were spinning!

They all enjoyed dressing up like astronauts.

The grocery store there is amazing too- such realistic play food!

Another photo request from Ellory.

Not the best photo, but it's what we got, ha. We went to the pool party in the community where Brett and Elizabeth live. They had a balloon artist, small parade with the kids and a fire truck, and a snow cone truck!

Happy 4th from our sweeties! :)


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