Friday, July 15, 2022

Norah's tubes/adenoids surgery.

Norah had tubes/adenoids surgery a couple weeks ago! I will share a few details, but we chose to keep the long version in our family to try our best to honor Norah and her story/privacy.

We are thankful it was discovered she needed this, that we had the resources and ability to get it for her, and that it's done and past us. Norah has already made comments about how things sound louder and she can hear smaller noises, yay! She was pretty anxious leading up to it, but was incredibly brave surgery day. We listed her name on our church's prayer request list for that week, and it was absolutely amazing how many people reached out to her. People came up to her after church, called or texted, sent a note, etc. It was beautiful how many people were the hands and feet of Jesus to our sweet Norah that week. :) We love you Norah and are so proud of you!


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