Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Morning on the Green 2021.

One of our fun fall traditions was back this year- Morning on the Green! There is a college in our town, and this is part of their homecoming activities. The band and cheerleaders perform, and there are inflatables and carnival games. It's super fun and we had beautiful weather for it this year! It didn't happen last year because of COVID, so it was special to have it again.

They had a cheer camp for kids during the week, so Norah went to two practices and then performed with the college cheerleaders during the first quarter of the homecoming football game. It was neat to see her try something new and be brave and go out there! Our cute little cheerleader!

Norah even got up on a lift! (Or whatever that's called- I was never a cheerleader.)

Doing a cheer!

I didn't get any inflatable pictures this year because there were too many kids and I couldn't get a good shot through the net, oh well! Here were some of their favorite games- football throw, fishing game, toilet toss, and water balloon slingshot. Cousin Will got to come too!

Love these sweet sisters! Saturdays are extra special now that all three of them are in school for a portion of the week. Love Saturdays to have family time and do fun activities!


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