Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Be glad.

This is one of my instagram posts recently that I want to remember:

Sometimes motherhood makes me want to hide in the closet for a few moments of quiet until they find me, and sometimes it’s so magical I don’t want to miss a second. I love this season, but sometimes I have to remind myself to love it, you know? I’m thankful for His continual grace and consistent love for when I get overwhelmed or don’t treasure it enough. Norah’s new favorite is playing McDonald’s drive through in the gap of the chair. I told her I was so hungry that I’d like 7 cheeseburgers, and she just laughed and said I could only have one or I’d get a tummy ache. So when I wanted to clean up lunch and she asked me to order one more time, I’m glad I played. I’m glad I had to step carefully through the living room when I laid the girls down to avoid the strewn legos. I’m glad the girls were pulling on my pant legs and wiping drool on my legs because they still want me in that desperate way. Even if I have to remind myself sometimes, I want to be glad, for this is such a full, rich season. I know I will miss it when my clothes are stain free and floors are clear. Be glad.😊


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