Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Lucy and Ellory- Ten Months.

Lucy and Ellory are ten months and on the move! They are generally happy babies. They love to play and be where the action is, meaning they follow me around and pull on my pant legs often! But it's good and I wouldn't trade it. Sometimes they play with their toys very contently and it's so sweet to watch. Ellory is more chatty, but Lucy is generally louder. Lucy is more active, but both love to crawl and pull themselves up. Lucy is a cuddler and laughs easily, and Ellory almost always is smiling. When Ellory is upset, it's intense but it's rare, and Lucy wears her emotions on her sleeve more.

Teeth: Lucy got her 7th tooth, her bottom left lateral incisor, on 12/7 at 41 weeks.

Feeding: We've got some good eaters! They almost always eat all their baby food. Ellory has an easier gag reflex. Lucy sometimes doesn't finish all of her nighttime bottle, but most of the time she does pretty well. Ellory is still very serious about her milk and drains it! Their eating schedule is the same as it has been for awhile now: nurse at 8, baby food at 11, nurse at 1:45, bottle at 5:30, baby food at 8, nurse/bottle at 10:30. (They have a couple bottles for extra supplementation, of my milk mixed with formula, to help them continue to gain weight and I don't make as much in the evenings.) They've had most fruits and vegetables. They also tried peanut butter and eggs (per doctors recommendation), and thankfully they aren't allergic. The biggest food happening is that they love puffs and can eat them now without gagging! It's nice to be able to distract them for a few minutes while I'm cooking or getting their food ready.

Diapers/Clothes: Size 3 diapers and 9 month (with some 6-9 or 6-12 month) clothes. A few times I've thought the 9 month onesies/pajamas were getting tight, so 12 month clothes are coming!

Sleeping: Sleep is a beautiful thing! We are very thankful for good sleepers. Sometimes they cry for a couple minutes when we lay them down, but most times they fall asleep pretty easily and sleep all night. They are asleep about 10:45, then I nurse them at 8 (sometimes they are just waking up, and sometimes I just do a dream feed of sorts because I'm so full), and then they go back to sleep until about 10. They take a great afternoon nap from about 2-4:30, and a evening catnap from 7:15-7:45. Occasionally they will take a short morning catnap if we have to wake up early for something.

Developments: They are getting more and more active! They crawl all over and pull themselves up on everything. We haven't had too many crazy things happen, because we try really hard to keep small things off the floor/bathroom doors closed, etc. But they are starting to learn how to open drawers and cupboards, so they always need a close eye on them. If left to their own devices, their favorite things to do are to pull the nightlights out of the wall, dig the trash out of the bathroom small garbage cans, and pull stuff out of the dishwasher or fridge if they can sneak to it while it's open. Eating puffs is a favorite new development, both by them and mom/dad! Other new developments are that right at 9 months, Lucy started sucking her thumb and drooling a bunch. She always has a bib on and goes through a couple a day! All three girls suck their right thumb. On 12/16 at 42 weeks, Lucy also stood all by herself for a few seconds and has done it several other times, and took a few steps while holding on to our fingers! Ellory says “ma ma” often, but don't know if it counts as an official word or just sounds, and she also likes to hold onto blankets/soft things.

Favorites: Favorite activities include puffs, taking a bath, going for walks, playing with Norah, dumping all the toys out, putting everything in their mouth, being held, and sucking their thumbs. They don't really enjoy taking their vitamins, getting dressed, or diaper changes. We love you so much! Lucy and Ellory are such joyous babies!


  1. So fun to read this! Yay for eating puffs and getting time to do stuff!! 🙌🏻


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