Friday, January 26, 2018

Lucy and Ellory- Eleven Months.

Lucy and Ellory are 11 months! It's so fun to watch them grow and develop. Hearing mama and dada, seeing them stand and move all around, and laugh/smile are such precious moments! So thankful for these great babies!

Stats/Doctor visits: Ellory and Lucy both had colds for awhile, but Ellory seemed much worse. After two nights of not sleeping well and a raspy sounding cough, she went to the doctor on 1/16 and had an ear infection and RSV. Poor baby! She was on antibiotics and nebulizer treatments. The doctor said we could give the nebulizer treatments to Lucy too, depending on how she sounds, and we did some and I think it helped, because she never got as bad as Ellory thankfully. She had a slight fever, was more lethargic, diarrhea, and lack of appetite, but was in good spirits mostly! She weighed 19 lbs 6 oz. Lucy went to the doctor on 1/23 with a slight fever, lack of appetite, diarrhea, not sleeping well/pulling on her right ear, but they said everything checked out okay- no ear infection or influenza. They said the probably had RSV since Ellory did, but her lungs and breathing sounded okay. She weighed 16 lbs 13 oz.

Teeth: Ellory got her 7th tooth, her bottom right lateral incisor, on 1/8 (45 weeks). She also got her 8th tooth, her bottom left lateral incisor, on 1/16 (46 weeks).

Feeding: Both girls are good eaters! Both didn't care for food for a few days when they were sick, but overall they are both doing great! They are still eating purees for the majority of their real food content, but also eat soft pieces of things like bananas, pears, cantaloupe, bread, muffins, cooked carrots, avocado, and noodles. They are still huge fans of puffs! They also started practicing with sippy cups of water at 45 weeks. They don't really get the tipping it up part yet, but they have fun trying. They still nurse 4 times a day (well, one of those is a 7 oz. bottle), and still have another 4 oz. bottle after the nighttime nursing session before bed. They have baby food twice a day, along with a few “snacks” of soft things when we eat too.

Diapers/clothes: Wearing size 3 diapers and switched to 12 month/12-18 month clothes on 1/11 at 46 weeks. Fun to have a new wardrobe!

Sleeping: Sleeping habits have been about the same as past months- yay for good sleepers! They sleep all night (but sometimes have a hard time falling asleep or wake up when feeling sick) from about 10:45, then nurse in the morning and go back to sleep until about 10. They take a good afternoon nap from about 1:45-4:15 and an evening shorter nap from about 7-8. Some mornings they've been sleeping until 10:30 and the evening nap has been longer than it used to be, but I think that's because they've been under the weather for most of the month.
Words: Ellory says mama and dada a lot (dada the most), and says them pretty consistently. She also says baba a lot. Lucy has said mama and dada a few times, and likes to say gaga and baba too.

Developments: Lucy had her first hair cut on 1/7 (45 weeks). She had some wispy pieces and it was longer on the sides than in the back, so Amma (grandma), just trimmed it a bit. Both girls are active movers now and love to crawl around and pull themselves up on things and walk along them for a few steps. Both can stand for a couple seconds by themselves, but Lucy does it more often. Lucy loves to wrestle (as much as a baby can). It's fun to watch their fine motor skills develop and watch them reach for certain things and try to do a specific action. Both girls now realize when something gets taken from them or they can't do something they want. Lucy likes to throw her head back when she's mad. Both girls will crawl over to you and reach their hands up when they want to be picked up and it's the sweetest. They are starting to sit somewhat still and pay attention to a couple books. Ellory shakes when she gets excited and Lucy bounces up and down on her knees.

Favorites: Both girls enjoy taking baths and going for walks (when it's not completely freezing out!). They love exploring and playing with anything and everything. Lucy is a daddy's girl and gets so excited when he comes home. Lucy loves to climb on top of the dishwasher when it's open and pull stuff out. Ellory loves to sneak in Norah's room when the door gets left open to play with her dollhouse. Ellory loves soft things, like those little taggy blankets. Both girls love their big sister Norah, and she has the greatest ability to make them laugh (especially Lucy). We love you so much, Lucy and Ellory! You bring us lots and lots of joy!



  1. This was so much fun to read!! I can't believe how big they are!! I have missed seeing you all and watching some of these milestones! 😢 Hopefully soon!!

    1. I can’t velieve how big they are either! We miss you too!


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