Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Twin thoughts/update in words and photos!

I can't believe our babies are nearing turning ONE! What a year it's been. I've heard people say, "just make it through the first year with twins" or "the first year is the hardest." I, obviously, don't know if that's true since it's the only year we've ever done, but overall the joys definitely outweigh the challenges/adjustments and we are thankful for the sweetest babies! 

I will say the first 3 months were the hardest for me. It was really challenging to nurse them so often, adjust to a new life with two babies, and everything was compounded with the lack of sleep. That was the hardest part; I was so very tired. Norah also had a tough time for a couple weeks, which made it hard too. There were good moments spliced in there too, but overall it was a blur and pure survival. After 3 months, I felt like we were getting into more of a groove, I was starting to get more sleep (hallelujah!), Norah was adjusting better, things started to feel a bit more routine, and I felt like it was more manageable vs. survival. 

Most of the time, our days thankfully go pretty well. We have tough and overwhelming moments, but we are grateful that they are just moments. Yes, it can be hard to keep that perspective sometimes when things are crazy, but I try to remind myself often to enjoy even the crazy, because I know I will miss it when this season passes. 

I was so scared to be a twin mom when I was pregnant, and I'm so glad that we are where we are now. I love them so much and I can't imagine my life without them. I knew logically that I would feel that way, but it's hard to comfort yourself with that before just experiencing it through time. So, to any other twin mom out there- we've so got this! Yes, two babies can be harder than one sometimes, but we also get to live all the baby cuddles, smiles, giggles, etc. times two. 

I took these pictures to try to get something I can upload to their first birthday invitation, and man, I know I'm their mom, but are they cute or what? :)

Check out those teeth! 

Ellory is the happiest baby!

Poor Lucy with another bruise on her head. Although she doesn't view it that way- she's the wild child of the bunch and she loves it that way!

Love that little lip.

Lucy also drools like a fountain. Bibs all day, every day.

Then things started to go awry and we had to quit, but it went better than I expected, so yay!

I had to take a picture of Norah at the end, because she was so sweet in helping me try to get them to smile. (And I also don't ever want her to feel left out if I just take baby pictures and not any of her!) 

Norah is the sweetest mom to her dolls. Since we took pictures of Lucy and Ellory in this chair, she really wanted a picture of her twins too. I almost deleted it, but I'm glad I didn't. (After we took it, she exclaimed, "Look! They sat so still and smiled right away!" Yes, Norah, your dolls take photos a lot easier than the real babies. Ha.)


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