Friday, August 4, 2017

Lucy and Ellory's dedication.

Last weekend was so special! We celebrated Lucy and Ellory's dedication to the Lord at our church. It really went so well! It was such a neat time of celebration of their lives and prayer over us as parents, that we would be faithful and intentional in teaching them about Christ, and for them, that they would grow up to love and serve Him. The verses we had in mind for them were Deuteronomy 6:4-9, where it's talking about loving God with all your heart and impressing that on your children and talking about it often. 

(Lucy started to get a tiny bit fussy near the end on stage, and Norah kept burying her face in my shoulder and whispering that she wanted to go sit back down, but it was a win! No crying or big scenes.)

We had beautiful weather and even got some great pictures. Couldn't ask for more!

These next two pictures are probably my favorite!

Lucy and Ellory, you bring so much light. Having twins makes our lives so full in the best sort of way. Wouldn't change it for anything!

Norah is the best big sister! She loves to crawl into their cribs when they wake up, give them toys, and talk to them. If they are crying, she'll tell us to pick them up or walk with them. Ha.

I'm so thankful for our family. What a demanding stage, but so precious and fun too.

We were grateful to have a lot of family be able to celebrate with us too! The girls have such wonderful grandparents, aunts/uncles, and they even have all eight great grandparents living and were at the lunch after the service. Incredible!

Grandpa and Grandma.

How amazing that the girls are able to get to know their great grandparents! (Here are my grandparents, my mom's parents.)

Here are my other grandparents (my dad's parents).

Siblings! Unfortunately, my sister and her husband couldn't make it, but very glad that Kayla, Rose, and Keaton were there!

Kley's grandparents (Brad's parents). Unfortunately, the girls weren't happy, but I still really like this picture anyways!

All eight great grandparents! I know this picture will be a huge treasure, as we will probably never have them all together again. What a great heritage to have such strong legacies of faith, for us and our girls!

The Schut (my) side.

The De Jong (Kley's) side. Unfortunately, Kley's sister and husband couldn't join either, but we were thinking of them!

Grandpa and Grandma! Jana, my mother-in-law, hosted the lunch, which was very generous and it was so nice!

This was definitely a weekend to remember! We are so thankful for our girls, that we were able to dedicate them, and that we have such loving extended family.


  1. Your picture of all the great grandparents makes me tear up in a good way! Wow!! I know VERY (actually no one I can think of) few people who would have all 8 of the alive and able to make it for a picture!! What a TREASURE!!!! Wow!! Love all the other pics too and so wish we couldn't have been there!! We sure love your family though!!! ❤️

    1. Thanks! Yes, what a huge treasure! I'm so glad we got that picture, as I know it will be a great keepsake for the girls as they get older!


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