Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Summer fun.

Here are some fun things we've done lately to enjoy the summer! I feel like the biggest question people ask in passing is, "Any big summer plans?" I get that, because a lot of people take a summer vacation or something, but in short, our answer is just a straight no. This is a very quiet summer for us, which has been good, and what our family needed. We knew the twins would be little and we knew traveling would be tough, so we are staying put. 

So far, we've gone to Des Moines two weekends this summer (to visit family), and the girls handled it really well! Lucy and Ellory have been champions in their car seats, and have slept great at my parents too (I was preparing myself for neither one of those things to happen!). Other than that, we've been here at home. Norah has had a summer Kindermusik class and a beginning tumbling class once a week for part of the summer, but otherwise we've basically had nothing going on. It's been nice to get into a routine with three girls and to just enjoy our time together!

Our church does a baby shower a couple times a year to bless all the new moms in the church, and Lucy and Ellory were celebrated at the last one! It was a star theme and was very cute. It was a fun time of fellowship and a special time of prayer over our girls and us as moms. I'm so thankful for our community there and that our girls can grow up in such an encouraging, serving environment. What a blessing to have other strong believers love on your kids!

Looking at each other instead of the camera!

We also tried Lucy's first mini ponytail the other day. She wasn't sure what to think!

Ellory was also present, but no ponytail for her. Ha!

What fun outfits they got as a gift!

Another summer fun activity has been visiting our local We Rock the Spectrum Kids Gym. It's such a neat place! It's designed for kids with sensory processing disorders, but is an all-inclusive gym for any child. They have many fun things, like zip line, trampoline, swings, monkey bars, train table, play kitchen, arts and crafts table, and much more! Norah's favorite things are the swing, trampoline, and has recently gotten really brave on the zip line!

We have different sensory bins at our house, but Norah loved this one with dump trucks and small rocks. (My personal favorite sensory bin is pom-poms because you can do so many things with them, like sorting or counting, with many different materials, like tweezers and ice cube trays, and they are easy to clean up!). 

Love all the different swing options!

This has been a great option for us this summer too for rainy days or days where it's very hot, because our young twins can't handle many weather extremes, so an air conditioned gym with soft mats is perfect!

Trying to get them to smile as they are practicing their rolling over!

Love this mid-roll expression.

Didn't get many smiles, but they sure are cute!

Fun on the trampoline!

Norah loved putting all the animals into this barn. We've taken advantage of their special deals they sometimes offer, like a Groupon deal we bought last winter, or their summer pass right now, that makes it more affordable, because we enjoy visiting. We'd highly recommend checking it out if you've never been!

Hope you are having a great summer!


  1. What a perfect spot for your little family to play!! Wonder what next summer will bring when your twins are bigger?! Low key summers are fun, too!

    1. I know, next summer will be crazy with three mobile kids!


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