Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Parks, baby fun, and cereal.

We've gone to a couple new parks this summer, and Norah has loved them! It's hard to do big outings with young twins, so going to a new park has been about as adventurous as we've gotten this summer, but that's okay too. Tis the season. Lucy and Ellory have enjoyed it too, even though they could care less where we are as long as we go too. :)

Lucy sticking her tongue out at grandpa. 

Ellory decided to sleep the whole time.

Riding the tire swing with Aunt Karlie!

Swinging with grandma.

My youngest sister, Kayla, moved into her dorm here last weekend, and we are pumped to have her close! Zack and Karlie came for the weekend too, so it was nice to see them since we hadn't in awhile. Also, my dad is gone helping his sick brother in Minneapolis, so my mom is staying with us for an entire week. Shouts for joy from all of us to have grandma around to play with and help!

The girls tried baby cereal last week for the first time. Growing up so fast! We got some weird initial faces, but they've mostly liked it!

Norah is their biggest cheerleader!

Ellory ate it better the first night and Lucy's basically ran down her chin, but Lucy regained quickly and now she eats it better than Ellory.

I didn't really notice until uploading, but I love their faces- Lucy is like, "get that into my mouth now," and Ellory is like, "what is she doing to me?" Ha. 

Ellory is a thumb sucker like Norah. So cute. She took a paci for about 3 months and then just decided, basically overnight, she didn't want it anymore and started sucking her thumb. Lucy has never done either.

Cutest deer in the headlights. :)


  1. Yay for new parks and time with family!! So glad you got to spend time with your mom this week! And the twins eating solids... what a landmark!! Woo and boo all at once! 😜

    1. Yes, thanks! It's been fun! And so true that motherhood is such a mix of emotions!


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