Tuesday, March 7, 2017

First twin meetings.

We are so thankful that the twins are here and that they are doing quite well for NICU babies. Because they were born early (35 weeks 3 days), they are in the NICU, but are doing well and are mainly just here to learn how to eat and grow. Everyone has been so excited for their arrival, and it's been such fun to not only meet them ourselves, but to introduce them to our families. Here are some pictures of the first meetings!

My first time holding Lucy.

Daddy holding Ellory.

My first time holding Ellory.

Kley meeting Lucy.

Grandma (my mom) and Ellory.

Grandpa (my dad) and Lucy.

Aunt Kayla (my sister) and Lucy.

Proud grandparents and Ellory.

Grandpa and Ellory.

Grandma (Kley's mom) and Lucy.

Grandpa (Kley's dad) and Lucy.

Grandma and Ellory.

Norah watching Lucy on the monitor. (The NICU won't allow kids under 7 in during flu season, so she unfortunately hasn't met them in person yet. I can't wait to watch her hold them!)

Uncle Zack and Aunt Karlie (my sister and brother-in-law) with Lucy.

Excited aunt and uncle!

Smitten grandparents!

Aunt Elizabeth (Kley's sister) and Lucy. (Her husband, Uncle Brett, had a cold, so he unfortunately didn't get to see them much.)

Lucy and Ellory, you better be ready to be loved on!


  1. These pictures are all precious and perfect!! Such a wonderful thing to "show off" your baby to family!!!


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