Thursday, March 30, 2017

Going home and sisters meeting!

Being in the NICU is hard, and it's something you really don't understand until you have to go through it I think. Though, I am so thankful that our case was one of the best case scenarios and that our girls were "the rockstars of the unit" and "stable" and "easy" cases as some of the doctors said. There were some babies there that were so tiny and that had been there for a lot longer than us, and I pray that they can go home quickly!

Our 10 days there felt quite long at times, but I'm very grateful for the nurses and doctors that took such excellent care of our girls. I will remember some of them forever. My sister is a NICU nurse, and what a neat job that is with a great opportunity to make a difference to families. Now that I've been a NICU parent myself, I'm beyond grateful that care like that exists and that there are loving people who provide it.

By far, the hardest part of the process was being away from Norah. She was able to come visit us a few days, but it definitely wasn't the same and it was short because kids weren't allowed in the NICU because of flu season. So she never got to meet her sisters until we came home! It was also hard on Norah having us gone for so long and it was hard for her to say goodbye to us. We both shed many a tear over it, I think, and it still makes me tear up today. Both sets of grandparents took amazing care of her though and she had lots of fun with them, so I'm glad she got to be surrounded by loving family when we couldn't be there.

That said, the day we got to go home was a joyous day! It was so nice to be in our own home again and to be together as a family of five. My mom has been staying with us too and has been an amazing help.

Here we are packing up and getting ready to head out- first outfits and first time holding both together!

Ellory makes wide eyed faces when something big or different happens, and it's pretty funny. I think she's wondering what in the world is going on.

We're out of here!

Welcome home, Lucy and Ellory!

Norah meeting the girls was so special. She was so excited and wanted to get them out of their car seats right away. She kissed them and wanted to hold them immediately. She even started singing, "If You're Happy and You Know It" and made them clap their hands. It was adorable.

Three sisters together!

So excited!

This last picture is my favorite because of the look on Norah's face. I will treasure these pictures forever. So thankful for our three beautiful girls!


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