Monday, March 27, 2017

More twin photos from the NICU.

People keep asking for photos, so I'm trying to deliver. Here are some more shots from our stay at the NICU. 

Norah watching Lucy over the webcam with Grandma.

Hanging out in the visiting area.

Norah opening her big sis present from her sisters.

Princess legos!

Elizabeth and I.

Dad and mom.

Uncle Zack and Aunt Karlie.



Aunt Elizabeth and Lucy.

Grandma and Lucy.

Daddy and Ellory.

Ellory sucking her thumb- and she did not like wearing the glasses with the jaundice light, she pushed them off her eyes numerous times!

Lucy under the lights, and with her IV in her head, poor girl.

Taking Norah swimming in between feedings. Such fun!

Being away from Norah was the hardest part of staying in the NICU. We missed her so!

Even though they wouldn't let her into the NICU because of flu season, she was still the cutest big sis ever and she couldn't wait to hold them!

Great Grandpa and Lucy.

Great Grandma and Ellory.

Big yawn from Ellory!



Getting weighed. Near the end that was our only hold up to going home- we needed to gain weight!

One of the nurses made these cute crafts with them- my teacher heart was very pleased, so cute!

Big stretches!

First outfits, or at least a onesie since their feet had too many cords.

Sleeping hard.

Great Grandpa and Great Grandpa (my mom's parents) got to come meet the girls.

We are thankful they were so well taken care of!


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