Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend in Denver!

This weekend we were able to go to Denver! It was an amazing time. We flew free, thanks to our Capital One reward miles! Yay!

When we got there Friday afternoon, my friend/roommate from college, Brittany, picked us up. We were going to head downtown to walk around and see her nursing school, but we ended up getting into a car accident. Huge bummer for the afternoon, but thank God that everything worked out okay and that everyone was safe.

We met up with Lauren and Stephen for a great Mexican dinner! I have known Lauren since second grade and we went to school together. Stephen went to school with us too- high school sweethearts. :)

Kley and I at dinner.

Lauren and Stephen.

View from their apartment deck- how amazing!

Saturday morning they made our favorite breakfast foods. Lauren made the best chocolate chip pancakes I've ever had (my favorite), and Stephen made Kley bacon (his favorite), but that was eaten too fast to be photographed. :)

Fruit is my favorite, and combined with chocolate chip pancakes is perfect!

Then we headed up to Red Rocks (this really cool outdoor concert theatre up in the mountains), to check it out and hike a little.

It was gorgeous. 

The stage! There were so many people working out running and jumping up all those stairs. It reminded me of high school track!

We happened to be there when they were filming a Harlem Shake video. Ha. There were hundreds of people dressed up in funny costumes.

The sky and fresh air were so great! (It was awesome that it was 55 degrees there, and only 27 in Des Moines!)

The actual filming. A bit of a letdown, if you ask me. Personally, the "harlem shake" dance (if you even call it that), is not even good.

Kley and I.

Lauren and I.

Lauren and Stephen.

Saturday afternoon we did some shopping at an outdoor outlet mall, which was so fun! I hardly ever go shopping, because of money and a lack of shopping buddies here, so it was great! I got a couple things at a great deal! (My most exciting purchase were some cute Sperry's for $25! Kley also got some new basketball shoes for $33! What a steal!)

Saturday night we went out for dinner. It was Denver restaurant week, where all the restaurants join together for this great deal- so we had an awesome 4 course meal!

My pasta. Unfortunately, it was quite spicy for my taste, but still good. (I'm not used to eating at fancy restaurants, so I have no idea what some of the words on the menu even mean!)

Dessert. (Always a favorite.)

Sunday we headed home- they dropped us off at the airport before they headed to Church. Unfortunately, we were stuck in the airport a few hours longer than planned due to an engine problem with the plane, but we made it home.

So glad we were able to go and see wonderful friends! It was a GREAT weekend overall! :)


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