Thursday, February 28, 2013


Imagine getting 10 two-year-olds dressed in snow pants (then you have to take them off and try again because they got the strap stuck around their legs and can't pull them up), boots, coat, hat, and gloves.

It makes me sweat. I think our "getting dressed" record is 14 minutes.

It's freezing cold outside, but I'm still sweating when we walk out because all the work it took to get ready.

But today we went sledding. There was so much snow on the ground, and we had to walk through about a foot of it to get to the hill (which only resulted in about 27 falls because their little legs are so short), but we made it.

It was a blast. Hearing their little screams going down the hill was awesome. I was worried some would be scared, but they all did it at least several times. Everyone liked it, and most of them LOVED it. It was a moment in my teaching history I will always remember.

Everyone had such a good time and was smiling so wide.

Then we had to walk back in- another 27 falls, and take off all of those clothes we worked so hard to get on.

But, even though it takes twice as long to get ready as it does to sled, I would do it any day. To see their smiles and squeals of delight is so so so worth it.

Walking in, one of my kids just sighed and said to herself, "That was so cool." They kept asking to do it again.

Made my day. :)


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