Monday, February 11, 2013

Quick weekend recap.

This weekend was so nice! Friday night Kley and I brought a meal to some friends who had a baby- so fun to hold their new little boy! Then we went out to eat at Panda Express- yum!- and I got to go on a shopping spree at Old Navy (my favorite stores) because my great mother-in-law sent me a gift card! Yay!

Saturday we hung out at my parent's house because my sister, Karlie, was home from college for the weekend. That was also fun! We played Mall Madness again, our childhood favorite game, had a great steak dinner, drove around and looked at sweet houses, and hung out.

Sunday we had church activities, went to my sister Kayla's volleyball tournament, and watched a few episodes of Private Practice last night.

A good weekend, if I do say so! :) Hope you had a great one too!


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