Sunday, February 3, 2013

Highlights of the week. :)

Here are some highlights from the last week(ish):
1. Last Saturday we hung out with some wonderful friends from church. It was such a good time fellowshipping together and we played a HILARIOUS round of The Game of Things. I was really uplifted by this time together!
2. My brother was home last weekend for J-term break!
3. I am taking this training class for work, and tomorrow is my last class. It was a pretty good class, but definitely glad to be done. This is also a huge plus because this frees up my Monday night to watch the Bachelor with friends! Way better! :)
4. Even though it was freezing cold this week, I am thankful for having more consistent time for my kids to run in the gym at school. Last winter we didn't have that, so I am definitely thankful for that when it's below zero!
5. Warmer weather coming up this next week.
6. Kley and I are doing much better at consistently doing devotions together everyday. This alone is a HUGE highlight, and most definitely a spiritual marriage booster!
7. Seeing my family on Friday night.
8. Kley taking me to Chocolate Storybook yesterday. :)
9. Seeing Jim Brickman in concert at Stephens Auditorium in Ames on Thursday. We were supposed to go for my birthday (December 20), but it got postponed for weather. It was good! If you don't know who he is, he is the best piano player ever. So beautiful and talented! You should look him up. I listen to him a lot- he is very relaxing, and I play his music during naptime at school a lot. He had a great stage presence too, and was pretty funny in the stories he told in between songs!
10. A SNOW DAY on Wednesday! It was awesome to have a day off and accomplish tasks at home!
11. Talking to friends on the phone.
12. Going out to eat at Noodles on Thursday before the concert.
13. Making chocolate chip cookies from scratch.
14. Making plans for the future- having things to look forward to is great (some fun trips coming up in March and April)!
15. I'm excited that it's now February!


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