Saturday, March 9, 2013

What a week.

We were super busy this week. It was all good things and we had fun, but we were gone a lot, which makes it harder to have time together.

Monday I watched The Bachelor at my parent's house with my sister Karlie, who is home on spring break this week! It was a great time just the two of us, watching TV and painting our nails. Time alone together hardly ever happens! Kley played some video games with his friends (now he loves The Bachelor, because it means video game time for him!).

Tuesday night I had a work training all night, and Kley had worship team practice at church for Sunday.

Wednesday night I went grocery shopping, and we both went to my parents for supper, which was good.

Thursday night we went to the MOC-FV (Orange City- where Kley is from) state game and out for ice cream with some friends. Unfortunately they lost.

Friday we had a bowling outing with our small group.

This morning we woke up and watched some TV in bed together. It was awesome. Now, Kley is going to play basketball, I am going running, and then we are going to hang out with my family for a bit before Karlie goes back to school.

What a week!

And next week is conferences. I don't even know what to say about that. Conferences are a week that is so different. A lot of prayer, preparation, and time goes into them. Conferences are draining and hard. It's good to have uninterrupted time to talk with parents, but nerve-wracking when you are giving them a "report" on their precious baby.

But, it will be so great because next Saturday we are heading to FLORIDA for a week! We are so pumped!


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