Wednesday, March 27, 2013

That's what happens.

Sometimes Kley and I joke about the "that's what happens" game. I told him awhile ago that's a common phrase I use at school, and it's been a joke to us ever since about those simple life lessons everyone needs to learn, but two-year-olds haven't mastered yet.

I warned you that leaning back in your chair is not safe, and then you fall over, hit your head, and cry. That's what happens. (Of course I console them first, but then have the "you didn't listen, I am trying to keep you safe" talk.)

You picked your nose and got a disgusting booger on your finger, and now you are whining for a kleenex. Well, we've talked about not picking our noses. That's what happens. (This is what my daily life is like...ha.)

You were running so fast that you couldn't stop in time, bonked your head on the wall, and now are crying. Well, do you remember the three warnings I just gave you to use your walking feet? That's what happens.

I could go on. It's a real life phrase I use at school, and a funny joke at home. You burnt the bottom layer of the food? That's what happens when you don't stir it enough. The shower drain is clogged? That's what happens when you don't take the nasty hairball out. (That is directed towards myself. Eww.) Your phone is dead? That's what happens when you don't plug it in.

Normally, it's a funny joke about things that aren't a big deal. I learned a not-so-big-of-a-deal "that's what happens" lesson at school today. We were making jello and going to make cute jello jigglers for lunch with Easter cookie cutters. On the back of the package, it says to put in one cup of boiling water, and one cup cold water. Well, I just put in really warm water. The jello never fully solidified, and we ended up sticking it in the freezer and had a really weird popsicle sort of concoction that was way too grainy.

So, for all of you out there, when jello says put in boiling water, they mean BOILING. That's what happens. (Thankfully, the kids didn't know the difference and ate it up!)

On a bigger, not so funny, note- Kley left his wallet on the plane while coming home from Florida. (At least we think so- we can't find it anywhere.) We've called Allegiant Airlines so many times, but their customer service is stinky and they never called back. After 6 voicemails. So we cancelled all our cards and are getting new.

That's what happens. The phrase can be used a lot!


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