Monday, March 18, 2013

Florida Spring Break 2013- Day 3 (Pool Day/Shopping)

Day 3 of spring break was a pool/shopping day. We were planning on originally doing parks today, but the weather wasn't cooperating much and this was the only "partly sunny" day this week when we checked this morning, so we stayed for a pool day and opted to do the parks on a rainy day. It's supposed to rain for most of the rest of the week, so hopefully the weather report is wrong!

Here are some pictures of Kley and I's room.

It's super nice!

View from our deck.

The main area kitchen. Kley enjoying a nice glass of milk. :)

(Behind those white doors is a washing machine, which I am super pumped about, so we don't have to go home with dirty laundry! We don't have our own washer at home, so that was a nice perk to me.)

Dining/living room. (My lovely family in the background- my mom didn't want me to post this because it was too messy, but I did anyways. Sorry mom.)

Walking around the resort.

Lizard, anyone?

They had some beautiful flowers along the paths!

Pool area.

The cute baby pool. :)

Pool #1 (The one we went to, closest to our place.)

Walking around the lake.

Sand volleyball/bag toss.

Boats to take out on the lake.

Pool #2

Pool #2 play area

Outlet mall! We saw this great outlet mall from the interstate, but got super lost and couldn't find it. We found this really nice area and thought we found it, then we went through a rougher area and thought we went too far, turned around, then thought we were close, so we turned back around and found an outlet mall. We thought it was a different one, then thought it was the same one we saw, then realized that it was in fact different halfway through our shopping. Long story, I know. Needless to say, we were super confused.

We hit up some stores, such as North Face, Nike, Under Armour, Gap, Coach, and Banana Republic. That makes it sound like we bought a lot, but we really didn't. I got some jean capris at Gap, and Kley got some new flip flops at Under Armour.

At the Nike store, my dad picked out a golf shirt he wanted to get (he has been obsessed with golf shirts lately, even though he never golfs), without realizing that it was the EXACT SAME ONE he was wearing. Hilarious.

We had yummy pizza at this restaurant there.

My purchase. :)

Personal pizzas!

All of us- this nice guy saw me take a picture, and then offered to take one of all of us.

My love. So great to vacation together with family!

(We were all foolish today except for my dad, and didn't put on any sunscreen. We fell for the "it's not too hot and it's cloudy" trap and thought we'd be fine. Wrong. We are pretty fried right now. Not that I'm complaining, though- I'll take it! It snowed in Iowa today!)


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