Sunday, March 17, 2013

Florida Spring Break 2013- Day 2 (Universal's Island of Adventure)

Day 2 we were at Universal's Island of Adventure. It was a great day! The weather was nice for being at a park- a little cloudy and not too hot. The lines weren't too bad either.

Going in! I've been to Orlando twice before, but we've never been to Universal Studios/Island of Adventure before.

Me, my mom, sister Kayla, and Kley.

Heading in. Off to the Harry Potter ride first, since it's the most popular, in hopes of beating the lines.

I guess Universal has two parks- the regular Universal Studios, and Island of Adventure (where we were today).

The Adventure Begins!

Part of the Incredible Hulk ride. (Unfortunately we didn't ride, because it broke while we were standing in line. They fixed it shortly after we left the line. Bummer.)

This was one of my favorite parts- Dr. Seuss land! I didn't even know they had that, and I was so pumped when we saw it. The teacher in me flipped- my kids at school would have LOVED it!

It was so cool and colorful.

Green eggs and ham!

Cat in the Hat!

I love palm trees, since we never see them in Iowa!

Getting to Harry Potter!

The Hogwarts train.

Walking through the city. I must admit, I have never read the books or watched the movies, but it was still so cool! Very different and unique.


Kley and I waiting in line for the ride. (Kley hates most rides, but he toughed it out and went on this ride, and unfortunately hated it.)

The ride was incredible. I can't believe how neat technology is these days. They made you feel like you were flying right along with Harry. The ride simulations are amazing!

Jurassic Park ride. I skipped out on this one, and I am thankful I did, because everyone got soaked. I don't love being soggy and wet with gross amusement park water. I sat on the side and ate some watermelon (my favorite), and was perfectly content with that!

Seeing a show! The Eighth Voyage of Sindbad Show. The brochure says "Experience death-defying stunts and breathtaking feats as Sindbad attempts to rescue the beautiful princess Amoura from the evil witch, Miseria." It was good! A little corny, but pretty funny.

Some shots of the show. (A little blurry from the fog machines.)

Poseidon's Fury show. "Explore the ruins of Poseidon's ancient temple in this special effects guided tour." Pretty good- again slightly corny, but good.

Walking through Seuss land again!

Hulk ride.

Caro-Suess-el. Ha.

Doctor Doom's Fearfall. "Strap yourself in as Doctor Doom's diabolical new device rockets you 150 feet into the air and then drops you faster than gravity itself." It was good- pretty much like the Space Shot at Adventureland. We had an argument about whether this was bigger, and my dad and I said that this has to be bigger because it's Universal, but my mom said she thought the Space Shot was bigger. We looked it up, and the Space Shot actually is higher by 85 feet! I think that's really ironic that a ride in little Iowa is bigger than a similar one in Orlando.

Hulk. (Also funny to post pictures of a ride we didn't end up going on.)

Spider Man. This was an "eye-popping, pulse-pounding, high tech 3-D thrill ride." It was so good. Simulations are so cool! You aren't even moving that much, but it feels like you are!

A more close up of Doctor Doom's Fearfall.

For dinner we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe. I was so excited- this was one of my bucket list items for the trip! I loved it- had amazing pasta, and got a great t-shirt.

Us at our table.

My yummy pasta.

Kley's great fajitas.

(Also, for those wondering, my other two siblings couldn't come on the trip, which is a huge bummer. Our spring breaks didn't end up lining up in the end. We miss you, Keaton and Karlie!)


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