Friday, March 22, 2013

Florida Spring Break 2013- Day 7, Part 1 (MGM/Hollywood Studios)

This morning/afternoon we were at Disney's Hollywood Studios! (Formerly MGM, which is how I will always remember it.) It was a great morning- a good last day of vacation and we had lots of fun laughing together.

Heading in!

Mickey Hat!

Star Wars ride. The show outside beforehand.

On the ride (it's a ride with lots of simulations but not much actual moving), they pick out someone who is the "rebel spy" on board and flash their picture screen, and they picked me! Darth Vader pointed to me and said he wanted me off. Funny.

Tower of Terror! What a great ride. You are part of the twilight zone, going up to the 12th floor, where the last people who went up there never made it off. You go through in the dark, seeing their ghosts, and then they drop you down, bring you back up, and drop you down again. It drops your stomach, but it's so fun! Definitely one of the favorites.

Kley in front of the Tower of Terror (funny, since he hates rides that drop your stomach, so he did not actually go on it). Another funny moment was that a bird pooped on my dad AND Kayla while waiting. Two people! Funny, although not funny for them!

 Rock N' Roller Coaster w/ Aerosmith! Loved this one too. You go from nothing to super fast in a few seconds (I think it's 65 mph, but I'm not sure). It was a rougher coaster than some others, but very cool and fast.

Girls in front of the guitar!

Beauty and the Beast show. Such a fun classic.

Initial song of Belle going to the library with her nose stuck in a book.

Getting to the castle/meeting the characters.

Be our guest!

"Now there's something there that wasn't there before..."

Turning back into a prince! She came back for him (of course).

Final dance. :) Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney movies (tied with The Little Mermaid).

Indiana Jones show.

Pretty cool stunts, but doesn't touch me like Beauty and the Beast does. It was neat, but didn't thrill me.

Backlot tour- takes us through some of the behind the scenes.

Showing us how they use special effects.

Sewing room.

Showed us more special effects like fire and water- was really cool, but hard to get good pictures of.

We caught the end of the parade on our way out!

Up! float.

Toy Story!


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