Friday, March 22, 2013

Florida Spring Break 2013- Day 7, Part 2 (Epcot)

We spent the rest of the afternoon/evening at Epcot!

Some pretty flowers on the way in.

Mickey, Minnie, and the gang in the flowers.

Kayla, Kley, and me!

Welcome to Epcot!

This was one of my disappointments of the day. Soarin' was my favorite ride last time we were at Disney, when I was 16. We got to Epcot right around 4, headed right there to fast pass it, but all the fast passes were already distributed and the wait was 100 minutes. We decided to wait and come back later, and we came back around 7:30 and the wait was 85 minutes, so we couldn't do it because then we wouldn't have any time left and we would have been late for the fireworks. Huge bummer- and Kley had never been, so I wanted him to experience how cool it was! (If you don't know, it's a ride where you are hang gliding over beautiful sights.) Oh well- next time!

Living with the Land ride. This ride was next to Soarin' with a grand wait of 0 minutes. Kind of understandable, since it's a slow, very educational ride, but still is interesting (at least Kayla and I thought so!). It goes through different nature scenarios and how animals survive in those habitats, how agriculture has changed over the years, and how they grow a lot of plants/veggies/fruits on site and take you through their garden. My Grandpa Schut would have LOVED this ride so much- he's a farmer. Wish he could have been on it with us!

A Cinderella and Snow White sighting! This Snow White was the best character we've ever seen- she was dancing around and hamming it up big time. You could tell she loved her job!

It started to rain, so we headed inside and saw some characters! Us and Mickey!

Photo with Pluto!

A shot with Minnie!

We also took an ice cream break. I tried a frozen banana covered in chocolate/nuts. It was very interesting! A good try for a one time experience, but not something I would order again. It wasn't bad, just the texture and hardness of a frozen banana is strange.

Spaceship Earth- a cool ride that takes you through how the world has changed over time, mainly with writing, books, and communication. In the end they plug your pictures into a personalized story you create by answering questions. Kley and I were making hilarious scary faces, because we were pretending it was a roller coaster and Kley was terrified, when we went past the camera that we didn't notice, so our weird faces were broadcasted to the world when the ride was finished. Lovely.

They had lots of flowers everywhere! They had a flower celebration of sorts, in celebration of 20 years last year.

Lion King in flowers/plants.

Monster's Inc.

At Epcot, they have a large circle around the lake that is set up in different stations, each a different country. It's really cool to walk through. The first was Mexico!



This was the ceiling inside the building.


Had to try out the soccer hat, while speaking in a German accent (came out much more Scottish). I'm so glad to be married to someone who is light hearted and laughs easily! :)

Snow White in flowers.


A gondola- one of my favorite things I've ever done was a gondola ride in Venice!

Lady and the Tramp.

United States.

The Guess Who band was playing (never heard of them).




The Eiffel Tower- one of my favorite sites!

United Kingdom.

Beauty and the Beast in flowers.

Had to capture the Fish & Chips sign.

Along with the red phone booth!


We ended the trip with the fireworks show- I LOVE fireworks, so this was a fabulous way to end the trip!

They had it around the lake, so you could also see all the countries lit up. So neat!

A great Spring Break! High energy, spending long days at the park, but very fun. We are so blessed to be able to take a vacation and have some time away from the norm! 


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