Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Florida Spring Break 2013- Day 4, Part 2 (Magic Kingdom)

This afternoon/evening we were at Magic Kingdom. It's so fun to be there and watch all the little kids just freak out in excitement. 

Let the memories begin!

Heading in.

Cinderella's Castle! Such a fun sight to see.

The parade! So fun to see all the characters.

Mickey and Minnie.

Snow White and Prince.

Aladdin and Genie. 

Peter Pan, Wendy, Alice, and the Mad Hatter. 

Cinderella and Prince Charming.

Belle and Beast, Ariel and Prince Eric, and Aurora and Phillip.

One of my favorite rides- It's a Small World! (Kley had never been before!)

Such a unique ride- I love seeing all the countries!

Pride of the Dutch! Love the tulips and wooden shoes.

Pirates of the Caribbean ride.


Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor show. I was really impressed with this- they involved a lot of audience participation, and it was really funny!

Peter Pan ride- this was the worst line we had of the day.

Buzz Lightyear ride. This was a game where you had to shoot the targets. We placed bets on who would win, and most people voted on me getting last. Surprisingly, I proudly took second, creaming my lovely husband along the way! :)

Space Mountain- such a great ride!

Castle lit up at night!

Our last ride of the night- Big Thunder Mountain Railroad- a great roller coaster!

The lit up town.

On the way out we went from saying our feet hurt, to numb, to walking on ankles, to having no feeling up to our kneecaps from so much walking. But it was worth it. :)


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