Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Florida Spring Break 2013- Day 4, Part 1 (Animal Kingdom)

Today was a HUGE day! We were at the parks for 11 hours. It was a lot of fun and we did a lot! In the morning/afternoon we were at Animal Kingdom. It was fun because I really love animals!

(We thought today would be a great park day because it was supposed to be cloudy with isolated t-storms, but it turned out to be hot/sunny with hardly any clouds! Weather...)

Going in!

Mom and Kley, our map aficionados, figuring out the plan. (My mom is so intense in theme parks- you basically have to jog all day to keep up with her.)

Pretty birds greeted us upon arrival.

Heading to Africa for the safari!

Tree of Life! So cool.

Kilimanjaro Safari- One of my favorite things!
The possible animals you could see.

Okapi- This was a hilarious discovery for me, and I was so pumped to figure it out. It looks like a mix of a zebra and a deer of some sort. It actually is closely related to the giraffe, but looks more like a deer to me. We have a play plastic toy of this in one of our animal sets at school and no one could figure out what it is, so now I can tell everyone it's an Okapi! 

White Rhino.

Some sort of cool bird.



Upside-down tree! I don't remember the real name, but it looks like it's growing with the roots sticking up.

Giraffe- my favorite animal!


Black Rhinos.


Lion. (Not the best picture, but you have to include the lion on an African Safari!)



Gorilla. (On the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail after the Safari).

Pretty flowers.


Aquarium.  (One of my favorite pictures of the trip!)

Another Okapi!

Tree of Life.

Expedition Everest Ride (a roller coaster that goes backwards!)

Dinosaur ride.

The Lion King show. This was AMAZING! They did such a great job- great voices, great dancing, great outfits...the whole thing was so cool.

A great morning!


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