Thursday, March 21, 2013

Florida Spring Break 2013- Day 6 (Pool Day/Shopping)

Today was a relaxing pool day, which was nice to have after two full park days. It was a bit chilly in the morning, but it warmed up later in the afternoon, and when you were laying out it was quite perfect. :) Here are some shots from the pool.

The skies were gorgeous!

We also played some bag toss.
My mom and I were on a team in the championship round and she came out of no where with some sweet shots to win it all. Way to go, Mom!

I love all the colorful flowers!

Kley living it up watching the bag toss action. :)

Tossing bags.

The lake.

Later in the afternoon we rented a paddle boat- what fun!

Afternoon ice cream snack. Delicious.

Enjoying the pool. Rather, everyone else enjoying the pool while my mom and I sat in the sun on the sidelines. 

Evening shopping! What a success. I was very pumped to hit up the Vera Bradley outlet store, and it didn't disappoint. I spent a little chunk of change, but it was worth it because I got a new large duffel (to replace the one that got ripped on the flight here) and FIVE birthday presents. Nice! My mom also was very generous and bought me some new pants and a cute dress from Banana Republic. Thanks mom- you rock!

A late dinner after at Red Lobster.


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