Saturday, March 9, 2013

Confessions of a sinner.

So, this semester Kley doesn't have class at all on Friday. Jealous? :)

I had asked him to pick up a couple things at Target while I was at work. I dropped off some library books on my way home from work, so I was right by Target. I called Kley to see if he had picked up the things, because if he hadn't I would pick them up since I was right there.

He didn't answer. I came home, and he hadn't gone. I wasn't very happy.

So, he went out to pick up some dinner before our small group bowling outing, and stopped at Target on the way home.

He bought the wrong thing.

I was not happy, and I was sinfully very angry with him and struggling to let it go. Should it have happened? No. But was it really a huge deal? No.

I struggle with being a perfectionist. I hate forgetting things or doing it "wrong," so too often I expect perfection out of Kley, who is an imperfect person. I like being organized and completing the everyday tasks correctly and efficiently, but we are all human and make mistakes.

We were still arguing about this in the car and pulled up to our 7:00 bowling at about 7:05. I don't like being late, but we both hate leaving disagreements unfinished (and your marriage is much more important than being perfectly on time!), so we stayed in the car talking until 7:15, and we had made up and were much calmer.

And then guess what happens? We walk into the bowling alley and there is no one from our group there.

We were actually meeting at 7:30. I wrote the wrong time down in my planner.

Who's the sinner now?

I had just finished being mad at Kley for messing up something "simple" in my mind, and then I go around and do the same thing. I felt horrible.

And then we both forgave each other, laughed about it, and had fun bowling.

Those little moments in marriage are so teachable. We are both imperfect people. Majorly. But, thank you, God, for love and forgiveness.

It's a beautiful thing.


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