Friday, March 7, 2014

Mom's Night Out.

So, awhile back a friend invited us to go to the premiere showing for the Christian movie Courageous, and of course we were happy to attend a great Christian movie for free. Ever since then, we got on Provident Films email list. Usually ending up on email lists is not a good thing, but this time, it's great.

Because we are now VIP people with Provident Films apparently, we were invited to attend the premiere showing of the newest Christian movie that comes out Mother's Day weekend, May 9, called Mom's Night Out. Basically, they give you a bag of stuff for attending the movie for FREE, and ask you to fill out a short survey in the end, and use the stuff they give you to spread the word.

So...word is spread. Go watch Mom's Night Out on May 9. It was a great movie- funny, real, and inspiring. It's so neat to have quality Christian movies out there, and they are getting better each time!

Visit their website for more info and to watch the trailer!


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