Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Crumbs in the corner.

This past week has been super busy for us. We have been gone every night for a long time it seems.

I'm thankful that we usually aren't this busy, but I'm grateful that it's been good things too! Here is a little recap of what we've been up to:

-Watching the Bachelor (This is just an "I" thing, not a "we" thing, ha.) I've been watching it with some girls from our small group at church, although last night I was able to watch the finale with my sister, who was home from school. (For those of you who watch- what the world happened last night? Weirdest finale ever.)
-Took a training class for work that was quite the drive away.
-Had a few small group meetings to catch up from rescheduling dates where people couldn't come. We are reading When Sinners Say I Do for anyone interested! It's a good one.
-Got to go see the premiere of Mom's Night Out, the new Christian movie coming out in May.
-Had dinner with a bunch of Kley's family on Friday, who was in town because MOC-FV (Kley's high school) made it to the Iowa 3A Basketball Championships, and he has a couple cousins on the team. We went to the game on Saturday, and they won!
-Helped host a baby shower for a friend from church.

So we've been keeping busy! I am usually a very clean person, but we have been gone so much that I haven't kept up with the usual cleaning the last week. There was one time where I actually pushed crumbs out of the way, into the corner, with my foot. That is so unlike me.

But, I suppose everyone has weeks like that.

The good and the bad...

(Here is something GREAT- on Saturday we head out to Florida for 8 WHOLE DAYS! We are so pumped!)


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