Saturday, March 1, 2014

Growing up with Mary-Kate and Ashley.

This post is mostly for my sisters, because we had a deep love for MK & A back in the day. Many people will probably not enjoy this, unless you loved them too when you were young in the 90's.

Someone posted this article on FB yesterday, and it was really funny. (One of the pictures has a tiny bit of language. I apologize. I didn't create this article, just read it.)

It got me thinking to all the great movies of their day- totally filled with quality acting, engaging scripts, and a new plot line every movie. Ha. Basically, in every movie, at least their teenage ones, they went on vacation to a foreign place, and they ran away from their parents with strange boys they knew nothing about. Very safe. Nevertheless, I loved them anyways.

I know there are a lot out there, but I'm only going to post the best (according to us). Starting with a personal favorite...

You can't forget their TV shows- Two of a Kind and So Little Time.

And, ending with another personal favorite- the best of their teenage years...


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