Sunday, March 16, 2014

Florida Spring Break 2014 Part 1.

We have arrived in Florida! We are pumped and ready for the sun and warm weather. We had a busy travel day yesterday (flight was a little delayed and then we had to drive two hours once we landed), but we arrived safely. We got to sleep in today, which was so nice, and had a relaxing morning. 

Here are some pictures of the house we are staying at. My grandparents are renting it for the whole month, and we are staying with them for the week. It's really nice!

Here is our room (meaning Kley, my sister Kayla, and myself). I just took pictures of the pictures (ha) because Kley and Kayla were actually still sleeping when I took this, and I didn't think they would appreciate a picture of them in their beds.

Living room (my favorite room). I love the yellow walls and blue couch, and the view is the best.

The view out the window. I can definitely live with that! :)

The living room also has this super cute tiny table that I want for my future children.

Dining room.


Another dining room/sitting room/whatever you want to call it.

Living room #2.


In the afternoon (and actually for most of the day), we headed to the ball park to watch Keaton's games. It was a double header. It was a bit long, but the weather was super nice. Unfortunately, Keaton only got to pitch the last inning.

Proud Bethel supporters in our twin shirts. :)

My grandparents, me, Keaton, Kley, and Kayla.

My parents and Keaton.

Some pitching!

After the game, we headed to dinner. I had to stop and capture this flower on the way.

We had dinner at Pinchers Crab Shack, and it was so delicious. I am the person who orders the same thing every time they go to a restaurant, but we don't eat seafood often. I ordered BBQ shrimp, which was a little out there for me, but it was so good!

Walking around after dinner.

We had to stop for some ice cream. I had fudge brownie, and again, it was delicious. 

Looking forward to more Florida fun this week!


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