Friday, March 21, 2014

Florida Spring Break 2014 Part 5.

Yesterday I didn't take any pictures. We woke up early and went shell hunting on this beach that was supposed to be really good in Sanibel, but honestly the shells were just okay. There were a lot, but they were mainly all small and white and looked the same. But, it was still really fun and always amazing to be at the beach. In the afternoon we went to Keaton's game again, and then had dinner at Ruby Tuesday's.

Today was awesome! We left early this morning and didn't get back until after dinner- it was a full and fun day. We went to the Fort Myers Beach area for the dolphin cruise! We got there early and walked along the beach and went shell hunting again. This beach was better than yesterday's, I thought, and the shells were much better!

Here are some pictures of the dock where our dolphin boat left from.

In the gift shop they had an aquarium with a few sea creatures. 

They also had Tiki the parrot outside.

Kayla, Kley, and me!

Palm trees are the best.

This was the morning shell hunting.

Kley and I on the beach. (Christmas card material, I think! :)

There were these huge pelicans that would sweep down.

Dolphin cruise!

It was so much fun. The weather was absolutely beautiful today- the perfect temperature. I was warm but not hot. The boat ride was beautiful and seeing dolphins was so great!

Here are some dolphin pictures. These don't do it justice at all. We got much better views in person, but it was too fast to photograph well and everyone was trying to take pictures at the same time.

This is an osprey nest on top of the sign.

They came up so close to the boat! It was so cool.

This was a guy on the dock who was feeding some sort of raw fish to the catfish in the water. They went crazy!

After the dolphin cruise, we hit the beach again. It was the perfect afternoon.

Someone had spent a lot of time making sand castles.

For dinner, we hit up Five Guys. It was my first experience, and it was pretty good!

After that, we put in Dairy Queen into the Garmin, but it took us to Eats & Treats instead, which was quite funny. So we had ice cream there!

Today was an absolutely great day. :) 


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