Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Florida Spring Break 2014 Part 4.

Today, something very unfortunate happened. We left plenty on time, but stuck in awful traffic, and missed our dolphin cruise. I was so bummed. But, we rescheduled it for Friday, so we will leave super early! 

But, we ended up with a pretty good day anyways. We went to Keaton's baseball game this morning, and ended up going to this butterfly conservatory this afternoon, which was also on my list of fun things to do. It was pretty awesome! I love butterflies, and my caterpillars/butterflies unit is coming up in April at school, so I am so excited to have these great pictures to show. 

They had a bunch of caterpillars outside the conservatory in their enclosures, about to form their chrysalis.

This monarch caterpillar was found outside, so they brought it in.

These two caterpillars are in their cocoons, and they look just like leaves for camouflage!

I think I got some great pictures! I loved it.

Then, when we got back, we hung out at the pool for a bit. Relaxing at the pool is a must on vacation!


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