Monday, March 17, 2014

Florida Spring Break 2014 Part 2.

Day 2 here in Fort Myers, Florida! We are so blessed to be away on vacation, enjoying time with family and warmer weather!

Today was warm, but very overcast with high predictions of rain (which only ended up raining a little). We were going to go to the beach today, but changed it to a shopping day due to the weather report. I'm glad we did. It worked out pretty well, as Kley wasn't feeling good (he caught my cold from last week- sorry baby!), and he hates shopping anyways, so he stayed back to get some studying done. 

Here are some pictures of the outdoor mall.

I did some damage, which I felt a little bad about, but said it was okay because I seriously rarely go shopping and spend money. And it was an outlet mall, so there were some sweet deals. I got a few sweaters, skirt, flip flops, shirts, jeans, and a few shorts for Kley. It was a success, and fun to shop!

For dinner we went to the Parrot Key Caribbean Grill. My mom and I both had found good reviews/websites for this place on our own, so we decided to give it a try. It was a really interesting place with a real beachy, waterfront feel. 

I know, we look good.

My pork and veggies.

Kley's crab stuffed grouper.

My mom's mango grouper. (She really wanted a picture of her food too, because she said it was so pretty.)

After dinner, we had to stop at the crazy weird touristy place to buy some commemorative T-shirts. 

It was a pretty good day! I'm looking forward to the beach, and a dolphin cruise on Wednesday!


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