Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Minneapolis apartment.

So Kley is working on a big project of transferring all of my family's home movies onto DVD's (from the ancient old chunker with the tapes they don't make anymore). I was watching myself as a baby in 1989 last night when my parents bought their first house, and I wished I could have seen a walk through of the house, so I could always remember how it used to look. (I lived there from 6 months until 15, so I obviously remember it, but it looked a lot different when my parents first moved in and had no money for furniture!) 

So, that made me want to post my own pictures! Here is what our first apartment looked like in Minneapolis, MN (technically New Brighton). This was our first apartment together in our first year of marriage, so this place holds a lot of special memories and a lot of firsts!


Front entryway (right outside kitchen) 

Dining "room" table (kind of thrown into the living room)

Living Room



Wall between living room and kitchen with our honeymoon pictures

We were fortunate to be able to move most of our stuff in two weeks before the wedding (which was a great idea), so we didn't have to move so much stuff right after getting back from our honeymoon, and right before I started my senior year. And thankfully we did go up early, because the apartment we lived in was not the actual apartment we were supposed to have. Our original apartment had a HUGE water stain in the bathroom ceiling and was actually dripping down water, which was a big problem! The landlords said they could fix it by the time we came back from the wedding, but we didn't feel comfortable moving stuff in then, and thankfully they had another one for rent. It turned out way better because this was a corner unit, so it was more private, a little bigger, and had new carpet. Thank you, Lord!

I loved this apartment. It suited our needs- it wasn't fancy by any means, but it felt fancy because it was the first place that was ALL OURS and we could do whatever we wanted!

I love the windows in this apartment, I miss them. I do not miss all the ants and the box "air conditioner" that was such a joke and made the two months of summer we lived there awfully hot. (Our current apartment has central air- a huge perk!) All in all, though, I have such happy memories of living there!

I'll share our current apartment pictures next time!

(P.S. These pictures were taken right after we moved in, so you'll notice a few frames without pictures in them yet and a few blank walls- we added more pictures later.)


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