Monday, October 22, 2012

Omaha, Church, and an ER visit.

Here's a little recap of our weekend.

Friday: After work we volunteered at church for the Valley outreach program. Our church is right next to the Valley football stadium, so they let people use the parking lot and hand out free coffee, popcorn, and pizza as sort of a casual evangelism opportunity. It was our small group's turn to volunteer. To be frank, I was grumpy and not in the mood to go. But, we went, from 5-10, and it wasn't too bad. Even though there wasn't a ton for us to do (manning the tattoo booth didn't go so well when there were only about 4 takers and it was so cold they wouldn't even stick), it was nice to talk with some other couples from our small group. It was freezing, though- definitely dressing warmer next time!

Saturday: Kley woke up feeling sick, but it was our shopping trip day to Omaha with Kley's family. We really didn't want to miss it, especially since we don't get to see his family too often, so we still went. Kley and his dad hung out and went to a movie, while all the girls went shopping. It was so so fun to spend time together and get some new fall clothes! Yay!

We got home at about 9:15, and I could tell that Kley was feeling awful with a sore throat. But, all the walk in clinics were closed for the night, and we didn't want to wait till the next afternoon for them to open again, especially since Kley was supposed to teach the lesson at church in the morning, and we were supposed to host small group Sunday night! We ended up going to the ER so he could get the medicine sooner and start feeling better. I was prepared to see craziness like on Grey's Anatomy or something, but we didn't see anything interesting and it was quite calm actually. (I supposed that's the best case- who ever wants the ER to be crazy?) He got the strep meds and is feeling much better.

Sunday: Thankfully, our co-leaders of our small group really stepped up and taught the lesson for Kley and hosted small group that night. We had a relaxing afternoon, which was nice after being so busy, and played Bingo at small group, which turned out to be awesome!

It was a good weekend, minus the strep throat. Hope yours was too!


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