Friday, October 5, 2012

Our week.

What a week.

Even though the past two weekends were great being gone, it's tiring to start a third week after being gone so much. It sort of felt like a blah week. Kley said the same thing- the beginning excitement of classes has worn off, and this week he said he just felt like he was doing the work to do the work. (Thankfully, though, it's not usually like that. I'm so thankful that he is working so hard and that he feels like he's in the right spot.)

Here's a little update on work for me- as simply as I can put it without going into detail. My boss is no longer working at my school. My coworker had the most experience, being a director before, so she is now the interim director until we find a new one, which means that I am now working with someone new. I also had a few kids leave/transition up to the next room, so my class is now super low (6 when I usually have 12!). All in all, this is definitely for the best, although change is always hard. I miss my old coworker, but my new one is working out really really well, and it is nice to transition someone new in when we are low on kids. Also, it's nice to have a more relaxing few weeks while we are low on kids, and I can love on them more with extra one-on-one time! :)

Monday I headed to my sister's Jr. High volleyball game.

Tuesday, I was on my way to pick up Kley to go to Kayla's (my sister) last volleyball game, when I got in a car accident. My first accident. It was so scary. I am proud of myself, though, for how I handled it. I usually panic and don't handle situations like that well, but the two cars behind me were way worse off than me, so I immediately helped them, and didn't panic until after a few minutes when I called Kley. It happened on the interstate (which is a horrible place to have an accident). There were three cars- I was the first. Traffic stopped so quickly, and everybody slammed on the brakes, but a white car hit a red car, which hit me. The other girls involved were very scared, and one was taken to the hospital for neck pain, and the other two cars looked way more ugly than mine. Thankfully, though, everyone was okay for the most part. Later on that night, my mom was taken to the ER for dizziness and chest pain. We were with my sister, so my mom and dad could go to the hospital. They thought it was a reaction to a new medicine, but it wasn't, and they pretty much just tested her for a bunch of major things that came back negative (thankfully). They never officially found out what was wrong, but I'm glad it wasn't serious and she is doing much better. Praise God neither situation was worse and we are both okay!

So Tuesday night was pretty rotten. Wednesday night Kley had teacher's community at Church because he is teaching the lesson this Sunday, and Thursday night he worked, so those nights were filled with deep cleaning the apartment, (that's for you, Kayla- my sister things I "deep clean the apartment" all the time, which is kind of true) laundry, getting some things ready to host our small group this weekend, and doing little odd jobs.

Hopefully this weekend will be better! Unfortunately I have a teacher training thing all day tomorrow, but the good thing is I get paid for it and it covers all my training hours for the whole year. Tonight and tomorrow night we are going to start celebrating Kley's birthday! :) It's not until the 18th, but we are pretty busy this month, so we are going to sneak it in when we can.

Hope you had a better week than us, with no car accidents or ER trips. :)


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