Thursday, October 18, 2012

Happy birthday Kley!

Today is Kley's 25th birthday. Woah.

Happy birthday baby! You are the best and definitely God's greatest gift to me. You are so good at always having the perfect thing to say to make me feel better, serving me every night by doing the dishes, listening to me talk, supporting me, being my biggest fan, telling me that you think I'm beautiful often, going on walks with me, letting me hog the bed, putting the perfect amount of cheese powder on the popcorn, loud car singing together, making me relax and not sweat the small things, praying for me, killing bugs, being passionate, working hard at law school, coming into my classroom and playing guitar/singing for my kids, waking up early to take me to work when my car is in the shop, texting me sweet messages, eating everything I make and saying it's delicious, giving me advice, being encouraging, always having a positive attitude, being flexible, being there for me, loving me...and about a thousand other things. :)

This was one of the first pictures we ever took together at my freshman christmas banquet 5 years ago.

This is one of our most recent pictures taken at my sister's volleyball game. :)

Happy birthday, Kley! I love you.


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