Monday, October 8, 2012

A little mini-golf. :)

This weekend was really busy for me, and not very relaxing. But that's okay- it was mostly good. Friday night we started off with Kley's birthday celebration part one. (His real birthday isn't until the 18th. My original idea was to have a "day of fun" where we did a ton of things to celebrate all together, but we are too busy this month for a full day, so we are breaking it into chunks when we can.) We had dinner at the "manly" Buffalo Wild Wings and then we came home and watched the movie Good Will Hunting. He loves that movie, so I surprised him and ordered it on amazon.

Saturday I had a teacher training all day. It stunk to be gone all day and to give up my sleep in morning, but fortunately I will be getting paid for it and I got all of my training hours done for the whole year already! When I came home we went mini-golfing as birthday celebration #2. Kley loves golfing and he golfed in college, so I thought it would be fun. We were the only ones on the whole course, and it was really cold, so I was worried at first. But, it turned out super fun. We laughed a lot, and I even beat him by two strokes. :)

Saturday night we stopped by the Groen's (family friends) to see Antonio. Antonio was our European tour guide when I went on a Europe trip after high school in 2007. It was totally awesome and I wish I could go again. He has led several Iowa Christian Academy (my high school) tours, and this was his first time in the US. It was fun to see him again, as well as some other ICA families.

Sunday was super busy as well. Kley taught the lesson during our life group, then right after we headed to the VerSteeg's (Kley's aunt/uncle/cousins) house for a birthday party. Sam was turning 10 and Wes was turning 3- they have twin boys in the middle of them, too! It was fun to hang out with the boys.

Sunday evening we hosted our small group at our apartment, so I came home and got cooking to have everyone over for dinner. We ended up having a really good conversation and I felt very blessed by the friendships!

Hope you had a great Monday!


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