Monday, October 8, 2012

Christianity in the work place.

Last night we ended up having a really good and thought-provoking discussion about Christianity in the workplace. It was really good to be able to share with other believers how hard and difficult it can be to share your faith at work. It's not easy.

We are doing a study on the movie Courageous. (If you haven't seen it- watch it!) We were talking about honor/integrity, and that topic came up. It was nice to sit and listen to other's perspectives on their struggles and rejoicings in sharing at work. I feel like my situation is different than most, with working in a Christian school, but I can still relate.

I LOVE working in a Christian school, but it's not easy all the time either. I think I went into it with a naive view that working with Christians would be so easy because everyone was Christian, and there would be few problems, and when there was a problem everyone would solve it gracefully and peacefully.

False. Sometimes that does happen, but not always.

I am not trying to sound negative, just realistic. Just because I work in a Christian school with Christians, doesn't mean that our sin nature is gone. We still mess up all the time! Fortunately, I am grateful and blessed to work in an environment where we can talk about Christ and involve Him in everything, including problem solving.

Sometimes it can be easy, though, to be shallow and just talk the Christian talk. It's easy to hear something, say "I'll pray for you," and then forget all about it. I am convicted in saying "Christian" things but not following through like I should. If I hear someone talk about an issue, why not pray TOGETHER about it RIGHT THEN? I know that's not always possible, especially working with kids, but you know what I mean.

I want to do better about being more real and deep with my coworkers. They are amazing.

Also, from the teacher aspect, I love love love working in a Christian school where I can teach and train my kids from a Christian perspective. The most heart wrenching moments (in a good way) are when my kids bring up Jesus into normal conversation. Just today, we were playing with field corn in the sensory tub and picking off the kernels (they loved it, and what a great fine motor skill practice), and I made a comment about how the end of the corn kernels is pokey. One of my boys responded with, "It's alright, Jesus will keep you safe." To see a two-year-old connect a Bible concept into their real situations is amazing, and I am truly amazed to be able to be a part of it. Seeing my kids pray by themselves is almost tear-jerking.

(On a side note, I have great respect for Christian teachers who teach in public schools. Wherever you teach, you can still be a witness, even if you can't directly talk about Christ.)

So, I don't really have a good conclusion, other than it was a great conversation last night, and no matter where you work, whether in a Christian or secular environment, you as a believer have a tremendous opportunity to share the light!


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