Saturday, October 27, 2012


Yesterday I felt really productive at work. I got a lot done, and I enjoyed doing it. On the drive home, I felt very blessed as I thought about it. I truly do love my job. I love that I can work with kids and teach them and love them and they love me. It's a wonderful feeling. I can't imagine not working with kids. It's so rewarding.

Since my room is low on kids right now (not for long- we have people wanting to come now!), it's provided me many opportunities to help others, since I have more time than usual, and I have been loving that. I have been able to get more involved in the Early Ed. department as a whole, instead of just my room.

For instance, recently I have been helping with our christmas program. This has given be an awesome excuse to listen to christmas music super early! (I also saw my first sighting of lights this week, which made me super happy! Not halloween lights, actual christmas lights.) I was able to make up the song lists, come up with actions, and sort of set the stage for the whole program! I feel honored to play such a big part, and I love doing it! We are also working on the decorations, and we are going to have the kids make a lot of them this year, so they are going to be really cute.

Also, we have a teacher who does praise and worship with each class once a week- it's the best and the kids love it. She was talking to me about how she's struggling to find good Christian worship books for children, so she asked me to write some! It's been super fun to write stories for my kids and create a mini book! I have made books about forgiveness, praise verses (mostly from Psalms), ways to show love to friends, fruits of the spirit (Galatians 5:22-23), and the armor of God (from Ephesians 5).

I've been able to do little things around too, such as washing the cot sheets. I am so happy to have a peaceful work situation, especially after not having one for awhile- thank you God! I love the women I work with, and I am grateful for this time and for God providing me with small opportunities to serve at work. I love my job!

As much as I love my job, I am also so glad it's the weekend and today is Saturday! Here's to not working today! :)


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