Monday, July 8, 2019

Strawberry picking 2019.

The girls and I (well, mainly me as they are still pretty young to understand) made a summer bucket list of fun activities we wanted to do and strawberry picking was for sure on it! We really wanted to go when Kley could come, but it didn't work out with work schedule. We went Friday instead of Saturday because Saturday was supposed to be hotter, and it was prime picking time, so we didn't want to wait too long and miss it. (Here you can see strawberry picking from 2016 with just Norah and 2017 with Lucy and Ellory along too when they were babies! We didn't make it last year because we were on vacation.)

The girls did well picking! Lucy was the most into it. They only needed a couple reminders to only pick the red ones and not green or with brown spots, and they caught on quickly, though definitely ate more than they picked. 

Picking away!

It's nearly impossible to get all three to look and smile at the same time. Oh well! :)

We were doing respite at the time as well, so we had an extra friend with us too.

Love this picture! This has been a fun summer so far as it's getting easier as the girls age to do more adventurous outings by myself. 

They had the biggest sandbox I've ever seen and the girls loved it! They also had animals too, but the girls were more fascinated with the sandbox.

What a fun morning! We shared strawberry donuts and shake too for lunch. We weren't planning to stay for lunch, but it was really busy and everything took longer than I thought and then Lucy and Ellory just napped in the car on the way home. Another benefit of getting a little older is that it's easier to be a bit more flexible with the schedule. It's also fun to have lived here for years now, so we look forward to doing annual traditions each season!


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