Monday, July 15, 2019

4th of July 2019.

Happy 4th of July! Very thankful for my family and to live in the USA! We had a very laid back holiday this year, which turned out to be really nice. We started off with the big Ver Steeg celebration (Kley's mom's side) in a nearby town on the 3rd. We went to the celebration there where the girls enjoyed some bounce houses (can't get enough of those!) and a train ride and then we headed to his aunt/uncle's house to eat with everyone. The rest of the weekend was low key, which was nice because all four of us girls had colds and Kley threw his back out. (I threw mine out about two months ago and now Kley did! Unbelievable and so painful. Welcome to our thirties I guess!) We saw the De Jongs a couple times, but didn't do big celebrations because Brett was busy studying for his med school boards.

How cute are these girls!? (I was actually quite please with how it turned out, because in past years they've all had cute 4th of July outfits, but I dropped the ball on that this year- oops! Thankfully I found a few old dresses in my clothes bins and everyone found something to wear. Norah and Lucy's dresses were a size too small, but could squeeze in for one day.)

Three beautiful girls!

They are getting old enough to just begin to smile on command more, which is adorable!

We never tire of bounce house pictures. Isn't is just great to watch your kids light up because they are having so much fun? :)

Train ride!

Lucy and Ellory are seeming so grown up this summer!

I always think it's fun to look back on posts from previous years and see how the girls have changed and grown. Check out 4th of July 2018 here and 2017 here


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